Cosmetic & Medical


Koi was established to transfer its experience and its knowledge that it has collected since 2008 to its customers and business partners. It aims to meet the needs of its customers with the lubricants, antifreeze and also hygenic products it produces. It has the capacity to produce Private Label products according to customer demands.

Koi, which prioritizes Quality and Customer Relations, swims against the stream like its name as a fish and works with a challenging approach in all conditions. It also symbolizes success and perseverance like its name.

Koi serves its customers with products such as lubricants (motor oil), anitfreeze (coolant) as well as products such as hand disinfectants (sanitizers), hand soaps, disinfectant home cleaners,

We serve our customers with Our Premium quality motor oils (lubricants) and antifreezes (coolants)

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You can develop any product you want with Koi, which can produce special products for other cosmetics and medical products.