Hydraulic System Oıl, HVI ISO 68 (HVI SERIES)


They are high performance, high viscosity index hydraulic oils specially designed with advanced viscosity index developer to meet the requirements of modern hydraulic systems operating at variable ambient temperatures. They provide high performance by providing excellent lubrication in piston or gear pumps, presses and other hydraulic system equipment which operate under dicult conditions with the help of additives that provide anti-wear and thermal stability with the formulation which enables stability in a wide temperature range.
• High viscosity index with high stability against wear deliver higher power transmission and high performance across a wide operating range throughout their lifecycle.
• Its superior wear protection feature in all operating conditions protects the components in the hydraulic system eectively and extends the life of the hydraulic system.
• It can be used in hydraulic systems requiring sensitive operating conditions thanks to its excellent features such as water separation and resistance to foaming.
• Thanks to oxidation resistance and thermal stability, it ensures ecient operation of hydraulic system even at very high pressures and temperatures.
• Its superior cleaning and filterability feature reduces maintenance and filter change costs by minimizing sediment formation in the system.
• It removes air and water from the body in a very short time and provides superior protection against oxidation, rust and foam formation.